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New York Industrial

Our classic design. The elegant tabletop nearly floats on the graceful, folded steel planes of the frame of the New York. A bridge beneath the wood slab connects the flat steel elements. This piece fits well with a minimalist, modern look.

The New York model is available in standard length of 240cm, 280cm and 320cm, or can be custom-made to any desired length.

240 cm, 280 cm, 320 cm
100 cm
74.5 - 76.5 cm
7 - 9 cm
Edge details
Natural or Straight 135° | 90°
Sanded Smooth, Oiled
Standard Surface
Stainless Steel: Polished, Brushed
Powdercoat: Black Matte
Special Colors
Light Grey, Dark Grey, White, Brown Matte, Industrial Look, Red