Tung oil dripping on suar wood.

Wood care – why we use pure tung oil?

Since the founding of Conte Caserta, it has been our aim to make no compromises in the production of our unique Signature Collection when it comes to the quality of materials and workmanship while observing ecological aspects. For this reason, 100% pure, heated tung oil is the only choice for us for the surface treatment […]

Why we sell Suar Wood Table Tops from Thailand

Suar wood from Thailand is not sourced from tropical rainforests. No other type of wood is better suited to be processed in one piece. Proper drying and sealing protect the wood from cracking. If treated with proper care furniture made of Suar wood will last for decades and generations.

Suar wood tree or rain tree in Thailand.

What is Suar Wood?

Suar wood comes from a fast-growing, tropical acacia species that grows en masse in all tropical regions of the world. Suar wood from Southeast Asia is not rainforest wood and is therefore not subject to the regulations for protected wood species.