About Conte Caserta Company

Natural Living Design

The idea for Conte Caserta evolved from a growing desire to create a home that serves as a retreat from the demands of everyday life. It answers the challenge of providing interiors as an expression of individuality, quality of life, and style.

With tables made from the elegant wood of the Suar tree, Conte Caserta provides their discriminating customers with unique pieces to compliment their surroundings, offering stability, durability and value. Conte Caserta uses only Suar wood obtained from sustainable sources for solid tabletops. High-end frames convey exclusivity and elegance. The use of all natural oils in the finishing process emphasises the beauty and purity of the wood. A modular system allows for many combinations, allowing your unique personality to show through in a custom design. Tables from Conte Caserta, with lengths up to 10 meter, are available through selected dealers in Europe.


Cut intact from the core of the broad tree, massive, single slab tabletops form the heart of Conte Caserta’s furniture; this sets Conte Caserta apart from all other furniture companies.

Conte Caserta believes that the natural features in the wood, such as knotholes or cracks, give each tabletop its personality. Accordingly, Conte Caserta does not hide these characteristics, choosing instead to fill them with resin and allow these unique details to remain visible, providing a fascinating insight into the core of the wood.

After being sanded to a very fine finish, the surface of each tabletop is further refined through a detailed process, alternating the application of pure natural oils and increasingly finer-grit sanding papers. The result is a velvety smooth finish that will last for years. The oil used is an odorless, natural product without additives or solvents; this establishes a non-toxic surface should food come in contact with the wood. It also provides resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and durability from within.


To ensure the value of these unique tabletops, and to achieve the highest quality standards in materials and workmanship, Conte Caserta collaborates with renowned furniture designers to create the bases.

Suar Wood

Due to its striking grain and enduring properties, Suar wood is becoming increasingly popular. This wood comes from the Samanea Saman (scientific name) tree which belongs to the acacia family. It is grown worldwide in all subtropical climates. Unrestricted, the crown grows wider than the tree is high. For centuries this feature has made the species very attractive as a shade tree, and it is frequently planted alongside roads and in the parks and gardens of these regions. It is also used on plantations to provide shade for coffee and cocoa plants growing below. This species is sustainably farmed on reclaimed rice fields, avoiding the negative effects of deforestation. The Samanea Saman is relatively fast-growing, replenishing the stock more quickly than other wood varieties.

The Suar wood has a fascinating eye-catching grain, which varies greatly from tree to tree and is characterised by its strong wood fibers. The oblique grain protects the wood from cracking, even in drier climates. The trunk of Samanea Saman can easily reach a circumference of 4 meters. The rare combination of these mentioned features makes it possible and desirable to build fascinating furniture from this wood; every single piece is unique and will last for many generations to come.

The Samanea Saman has many other names like e.g. Raintree, Indian Walnut, Giant Thibet, Cow Tamarind or Monkey Pod.


Everything what is against nature will not last for long. While wood is a renewable resource, it is of utmost importance to avoid the deforestation caused through uncontrolled and irresponsible logging. For the production of its furniture line, Conte Caserta exclusively uses certified, sustainably-farmed Suar wood from Thailand. Since the depletion of the Thai jungles – due to careless logging practices in the 1980’s – the Royal Thai Forestry Department has significantly tightened its regulations. Conte Caserta receives permission from the Thai Royal Forestry Department for all of the wood used in our products, based on the origin and source of the materials used. As proof of its adherence to the Department’s regulations, we provide our customers, upon request, the relevant certificates for the furniture purchased. Additionally, Conte Caserta plants a new Samanea Saman tree for every cubic metre of wood consumed in production.